About us

Avand Polymer Teb Azma (APTA)

The APTA company has started the activity in the field of medical devices in 2012 with the purpose of distributing and supplying the medical diagnostics equipments locally and internationaly. We following two important goals including producing material with new technology and also cooperating with international companies to increase our knowledge and experience.

However we are new in the market, we have a long term strategy to growing up in this filed and believe that our customer are part of the Apta team. Our R&D department with the help of new technology creating and designing relevant products. For the first time, we produced some consumable experimental devices such as magnifying petri dish, urin bottle with easy evacuation and, unbreakable blood collection.

On behalf of everyone at Apta I really appreciate all the help from people always supporting us.

Yours sincerely,

Mahdi Jebraili Managing director